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BPP-ML Testing Complete

In mid-July the RiverStar-BPP-ML
hydrokinetic generator was successfully
field tested in a shallow, remote river in
the Pacific Northwest. The unit, displacing
one square meter, produced 600W,
33% over its rated capacity.

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Second Series of RiverStar-BPP
Field tests planned for the Fall

Field testing of both the
RiverStar-BPP-WM Watermaker and the
RiverStar-BPP-SH Solar-hydro units are planned
for the Fall. The RS-BPP-WM produces clean water
from polluted rivers powered only by the river's
hydrokinetic energy. The RS-BPP-SH integrates hydro
and solar power into one unit for sites such as
aquaducts which have both high solar and hydro assets.

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